A Statement From Eugene DePasquale

Eugene DePasquale for Congress in PA 10

A Statement from Eugene DePasquale

Over the past 11 months, I have actively explored another run for Congress in my home district of PA-10. However, after careful consideration, I’ve decided I will not be a candidate in 2022.

When I first entered public service, I did so because it felt like the best way to help families who faced the same challenges mine did growing up. The reason I care so much about issues like raising the minimum wage so people can live with dignity, or making sure anyone can see a doctor when they need one, is because I’ve lived those same struggles myself. That desire to bring meaningful change to people’s lives will not be deterred by today’s decision.

At the close of my last campaign, I spoke of the challenges we faced as Americans and the need for unity to meet them. Now, at a time of persistent inflation, global instability, and an ongoing assault on our institutions and rights, Scott Perry has done the opposite, perpetuating far-right conspiracies and trafficking in hostility and contempt. That is not leadership. The people of PA-10 deserve so much better.

While I had hoped for a fairer, more competitive district in which to run, the recent redistricting process has resulted in a district that, in my opinion, will continue to reward candidates who peddle in extremism and division. That is not who I am, and therefore, I do not see a path forward.

I am incredibly grateful for the support of my family, friends, donors and the activists who are the backbone of our campaign, and I am especially thankful to the voters who put their faith in me in each of my previous campaigns for office. It has been the honor of my life to serve the good people of this Commonwealth. The passion I have for solving our shared challenges has not and will not ever change, and neither will my desire to play a part in fixing them. It is my promise that I will find other ways to stay in the fight, because what lies ahead of us is just too important not to.

Thank you,


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