Thank You For All That You Do

Thank you for all that you do - Eugene Primary Win Image
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To everyone who has touched this campaign by volunteering to phone bank, text, or by donating: Thank you for everythingOur campaign has been powered by this grassroots team, and your support is a key reason we won our primary election. I’m so proud of the movement we’re building to bring real change to South Central Pennsylvania.

The past several days in our country have been extremely difficult. These incidents of police violence are happening far too often, and I sympathize with the pain, grief, and exhaustion communities of color are feeling right now. It’s more apparent than ever that we need elected leaders in our community who are dedicated to tackling the toughest issues among us.

Our team is ready to take on government dysfunction and ensure Washington actually works for all families, particularly when it comes to affordable healthcare, reviving and growing our economy, and tackling climate change.

As we look towards November, the race to represent PA-10 will be one of the most competitive races in the entire country. We have a real shot at flipping this seat blue, and we’re going to need this grassroots team on our side every step of the way between now and Election Day.

Thanks for all that you do,


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