Eugene believes for far too long, everyday Americans have been screwed by unfair trade deals, where Washington has negotiated out of positions of weakness instead of strength. Trade deals like NAFTA promised to expand economic opportunity for middle class families, but instead left districts like PA-10 behind and gutted American manufacturing that regions like South Central Pennsylvania relied upon.

Eugene supports President Trump’s tougher stance on countries such as China that engage in currency manipulation to artificially cheapen the price of exports, while placing tariffs on imports. These duplicitous practices undercut our industries at home, and weaken their ability to expand their sales abroad. Eugene knows that when American companies and workers compete in a fair environment, they succeed.

Eugene will also advocate for trade deals that give Americans a fair shake. Our domestic market is the envy of the world, and if foreign countries and companies want access, they must give American consumers, and companies, equal value. Such as equal access to their markets for our products, fair evaluation of our currency and theirs, and humane worker protections, that protect the human rights of their domestic workers, and prevent countries like China and Bangladesh from utilizing sweatshop conditions to artificially cheapen the cost of labor and attract U.S. jobs abroad.

Finally, Eugene will fight for “Sell Here, Produce Here” legislation that requires companies that sell substantial amount of goods in our country, to have a certain percentage of their production take place right here in our borders, employing hard working Americans.

As Congressman, Eugene’s number one priority will be the hard working men and women of PA-10.

Eugene's Key Points on Trade

  • Advocate for trade deals that give Americans a fair shake.
  • Equal access to foreign markets for access to our products
  • Fair evaluation of our currency and theirs
  • Humane worker protections that prevent foreign countries from using cheap labor to undermine American manufacturing
  • Prevent foreign sweatshop conditions to artificially cheapen the cost of labor and attract U.S. jobs abroad

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