Reform Washington And Make Government More Accountable and Transparent

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale uncovered more than $1 billion in wasteful government spending by exposing waste, fraud and abuse and by demanding local, county and state governments be more transparent and accountable. 

Now he’s dedicated to making reforms in Washington as Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District representative.

Here’s what he intends to do.

End Government Shutdowns

Eugene believes government shutdowns are intolerable and a failure of leadership. 

When a government shutdown occurs, not only do citizens lose access to certain government services or programs, but many federal employees and federal contractor employees go without their pay entirely.

Eugene will reach across the aisle to create a bipartisan solution that prevents future government shutdowns. Legislative options to address these issues include:

  • End shutdowns all together, by passing legislation that continues appropriations at or near a level—such as 95 percent of current spending—as set in the prior year until a new appropriations measure is enacted by both Chambers
  • Enact “No Budget, No Pay” legislation to halt all pay to Members of Congress if they fail to prevent a government shutdown
  • Ensure workers deemed to be “essential” during a government shutdown continue receiving their paychecks
  • Establish provisions to guarantee that furloughed federal employees and employees of government contractors receive back pay for work that was suspended during a government shutdown

Make Congress More Transparent and Accountable

When Eugene was a state legislator he was the first-ever to publicly post all of his expenses online for citizens to see. As state Auditor General, he was the first statewide public official to do the same. In Congress, Eugene will demand more federal government transparency:

  • Require both U.S. Senate and House members to post their expenses quarterly on their official member site to enable the public to more easily scrutinize how their elected officials are managing their offices and staff
  • Require members of Congress and the President to annually release their tax returns so that citizens can see the sources of their income, the amount of taxes they paid, the types of deductions or credits they took, and the extent of their charitable contributions
  • Eugene will support new federal legislation that establishes stronger standards to address sexual harassment complaints brought against Members of Congress and provides for more appropriate transparency.

In addition, Eugene will join the Congressional Transparency Caucus, which has been working to improve the American people’s access to government information, including how taxpayers’ funds are spent, government agency actions, and disclosure by regulated entities. 

Reform the Influence of Money in Politics

Eugene believes members of Congress are accountable to the citizens that elect them — and not to special interests. 

Wealthy special interests have too much power because money in politics is corrupting our system. Eugene believes campaign finance reform is needed to make our system more transparent and fair.

Eugene will support legislation that ends the corrupting influence created by the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” case. Special interests and wealthy donors are currently allowed to spend millions to influence campaigns and public policy without disclosing who is funding their efforts. Eugene believes all campaign finance must be transparent, with all donors disclosed and all disbursements disclosed.

Eugene will seek bipartisan ways to improve accountability in campaign financing. This may include working with officials at both the state and national levels to make incremental campaign financing disclosure changes, as well as working with legal experts to explore how to restore American’s faith in the democratic process at the national level.

Eugene has a proven record of taking on entrenched bureaucrats and the status quo to fight for more government transparency and accountability. He’s running for Congress to continue his fight, to reform Washington so that it works for people here at home, and not for just the wealthy and special interests.

Eugene's Key Points on Reform Washington And Make Government More Accountable and Transparent

  1. End Government Shutdowns
  2. Make Congress More Transparent and Accountable
  3. Reform the Influence of Money in Politics

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