Eugene knows that Pennsylvania’s existing infrastructure is crumbling due to a lack of federal investment, and that we must modernize for the future. Pennsylvania’s roads and bridges are crumbling, rail systems and ports are antiquated and there is a lack of investment in rural broadband, our transit systems and more.

Pennsylvania has extremely high rates of truck traffic as well as extreme weather, which means roads and bridges deteriorate faster than other states. This has led to serious issues in our community, like the poor condition of Route 81 and Route 83.

Eugene supports making long term investments in our public transit systems like rabbittransit in York, Capital Area Transit (CAT) in Cumberland and Dauphin counties, and Amtrak throughout the region.

In Congress, Eugene will fight for a robust, bipartisan infrastructure investment, in order to improve safety and security of our infrastructure and grow our economy. This will include investment in highways, public transit, rural broadband, modernized energy grids, storm resiliency, green energy and more.

Eugene will only support an infrastructure plan that is bought in America and built in America. A strong buy America plan would ensure that steel, concrete and other key components and technology are produced here – ideally in Pennsylvania. And Eugene would only support a plan that is built in America, so that Pennsylvania’s union workers are being put to work with strong wages and strong labor protections throughout.

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