Climate Change and the Environment

Eugene believes that we must take aggressive action to truly tackle the climate change crisis, while creating good clean energy jobs. He knows we must protect our environment and prioritize clean air and water for our children. That’s why he earned the endorsements of the League of Conservation Voters and Clean Water Action Pennsylvania.

Eugene has a long track record of fighting for our environment, including his role as Deputy Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, where he was part of the team that helped secure the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act. Later, in the legislature, Eugene sponsored laws to invest in renewable energy projects and tackle climate change. He sponsored and passed with bi-partisan support the Alternative Energy Investment Act.

As Auditor General, Eugene’s first audit was to assess the impact of fracking on the environment and drinking water quality. His audit found that the Department was not prepared to protect drinking water and enforce environmental protections, which led to the Department hiring more inspectors. In November 2019, Eugene released a special report on the fiscal impact of climate change on the state of Pennsylvania. His report found the state is spending millions of dollars annually on climate-related costs and called for an urgent, proactive, and comprehensive strategy to combat climate change.

In Congress, Eugene will focus on investment in alternative energy, including research on smarter energy storage for solar and wind, and a more durable grid. He also supports tax credits to incentivize the use of solar. Ultimately, Eugene’s goal is to have a 100% clean energy economy as quickly as science will allow while ensuring good-paying, family-supporting union jobs.

Eugene is also laser-focused on improving the air and water quality for families in South Central Pennsylvania. The Susquehanna River is suffering from over-pollution. Eugene supports improving our stormwater infrastructure and increasing stream buffers to protect our waterways from agricultural runoff to clean it up. Air quality in South Central Pennsylvania is some of the worst in the country and Pennsylvania has the highest premature death rate per capita due to air pollution. If elected, Eugene will demand, regardless of who is in the White House, that the EPA enforce anti-idling regulations along trucking corridors in the district, which are a major contributor to this problem

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