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CONTACT: Bud Jackson


DATE: August 12, 2019


“Eugene is the only candidate [for Congress in PA-10] with experience and a proven record of accomplishment”

Harrisburg – Pennsylvania State Treasurer Joe Torsella today endorsed Eugene DePasquale to represent Pennsylvania’s Tenth Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.”

As our state’s treasurer I am focused on protecting our taxpayers and our resources,” said Torsella. “Auditor General Eugene DePasquale has earned my endorsement because he has saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by uncovering and exposing waste, fraud and abuse while working to make Harrisburg more transparent. We need people like him doing the same for us in Washington.

“I have worked closely with Eugene and have witnessed first-hand his dogged pursuit of making a difference in people’s lives by finding what’s wrong and making things right,” said Torsella. “He uncovered thousands of rape kits that had gone untested, tens of thousands of child abuse hotline calls going unanswered, and elder abuse going unpunished.

“Eugene has made tremendous impactful change because he puts his public service to work as an effective and tireless advocate,” said Torsella. “He’s one of the most effective auditors general Pennsylvania has ever had and I’m confident he’ll be the most effective congressman his district has ever had.

“Others talk about taking-on political insiders and special interests, but Eugene has already done it, even within his own political party,” said Torsella. “That takes courage and determination. Eugene is exactly the right person at the right time to send to Washington because he’ll fight for Pennsylvania people and fight against wealthy special interests and political insiders.

“Eugene is the only candidate with experience and a proven record of accomplishment,” said Torsella. “He’s also the person most capable of defeating Scott Perry.

”In addition to Torsella, DePasquale has been endorsed by 2018 10th C.D. Democratic nominee George Scott and more than 40 local and county elected officials from across the district, including Harrisburg’s mayor, both Democratic state legislators, all three Democratic county commissioners, and all three Democratic Party chairs.

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