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DATE: July 25, 2019


York, PA – Tenth Congressional District candidate state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale has been endorsed by more than 40 local and county elected officials from across the district, including Harrisburg’s mayor, both Democratic state legislators, all three Democratic county commissioners, and all three Democratic Party chairs.

“We need Eugene in D.C. and I’m supporting him for his impeccable record of reform, fairness and accountability,” said State Representative Patty Kim (Dauphin). “He will make sure the majority of families in the 10th Congressional district are well represented.”

“South Central Pennsylvanians are problem-solvers,” explained Carlisle mayor Tim Scott. “When we send one of our own to Washington, we expect a pragmatic, bi-partisan approach that will bring transparency to government, accountability for taxpayer dollars, and real solutions for working families. Nobody has a better record of achievement on those issues than Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, which is why he has earned my full endorsement.”

“I’m happy to endorse Eugene DePasquale,” said State Representative Carol Hill-Evans (York). “He’s a hard-working individual, dedicated to serving the public with integrity and transparency.”

“I am humbled and thankful for the broad support that I have received in less than a month since entering the race,” said DePasquale. “My campaign is about bringing people together to stand against the hyper-partisans and political insiders. The folks who endorsed me today know that I intend to fight for people here at home while reforming Washington’s broken ways.”

Below is a list of today’s DePasquale’s endorsers:

Both Democratic State Legislature Elected Officials in the District:

  • State Representative Carol Hill-Evans (D-York)
  • State Representative Patty Kim (D-Dauphin)

All Democratic Countywide Elected Officials:

  • Commissioner Jim Hertzler, Cumberland County
  • Commissioner George Hartwick, Dauphin County
  • Commissioner Doug Hoke, York County

Democratic Local Elected Officials in Cumberland County:

  • Camp Hill Borough Council Member Kim Snell-Zarcone
  • Camp Hill Tax Collector Diane Neiper
  • Carlisle Mayor Tim Scott
  • Carlisle Deputy Mayor Sean Shultz
  • Carlisle Borough Council Member Deb Fulham-Winston
  • Carlisle Borough Council Member Sean Crampsie
  • Lemoyne Borough Council President Gale Gallo
  • Lemoyne Borough Council Member Dan Green
  • Mt. Holly Springs Borough Council Member Katie Daniels

Democratic Local Elected Officials in Dauphin County:

  • Berrysburg Council Member Deborah Libby
  • Elizabethville Borough Council Member Rodney Spicher
  • Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse
  • Harrisburg City Council President Wanda Williams
  • Harrisburg City Council Vice President Ben Allatt
  • Harrisburg City Council Member Dave Madsen
  • Harrisburg City Council Member Ausha Green
  • Harrisburg Treasurer Dan Miller
  • Londonderry Auditor Kathy Hanft
  • Middletown Council Member Dawn Knull
  • Millersburg Council President Chris Dietz
  • Millersburg Council Member Joy Breach
  • Millersburg Council Member Brian Hoch
  • Millersburg Tax Collector Alex Reber
  • Steelton Council Member Kelly Kratzer
  • Steelton Council Member Keontay Hodge

Democratic Local Elected Officials in York County:

  • Hallam Borough Council Member Samantha Fullam
  • Hallam Borough Council Member Michael Wascovich
  • Spring Garden President Commissioner Tom Warman
  • West York Borough Council Member Mildred Tavarez
  • West York Borough Council Member Brian Wilson
  • York City Council President Henry Hay Nixon
  • York City Council Member Edquina Washington
  • York City Council Member Judy Ritter-Dixon
  • York City Council Member Michael Buckingham
  • York City Controller AliceAnne Frost
  • Democratic York City Council nominee Lou Rivera

All 3 Democratic County Party Chairs:

  • Stephanie Christ, Cumberland County Democratic Party
  • Rogette Harris, Dauphin County Democratic Party
  • Chad Baker, York County Democratic Party


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