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CONTACT: Rachele Fortier

DATE: September 26, 2019

Eugene DePasquale Releases Plan to Reform Washington

Harrisburg — Today, candidate for Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District Eugene DePasquale released his plan to reform Washington D.C. and increase government accountability and transparency. 

“As Auditor General, I have uncovered more than $1 billion in wasteful government spending by exposing waste, fraud, and abuse and by demanding local, county and state governments be more transparent and accountable,” DePasquale said. “Now, I am dedicated to continue fighting for reforms in Washington as Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District representative.”

DePasquale has a plan to:

  • End government shutdowns
  • Make Congress more transparent and accountable 
  • Reform the influence of money in politics

To read the full plan please visit


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