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DATE: July 1, 2019

DePasquale Enters Race for Congress (PA-10)

“Washington needs more people punching back, fighting for us.”

York, PA – Auditor General Eugene DePasquale today said he will enter the race to represent Pennsylvania’s Tenth Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. A “Statement of Candidacy” will be filed today with the Federal Elections Commission.

“Folks here at home are getting ripped-off by people in Washington,” said DePasquale. “The scales have been tipped in favor of special interests, partisan political insiders, and wealthy corporations at our expense. I’m running for Congress because Washington needs more people punching back, fighting for us.”

“My public service career has been about reforming what’s wrong and making things right,” said DePasquale, who has protected Pennsylvania taxpayers by uncovering and exposing over 1 billion dollars in waste, fraud and abuse while serving as Auditor General. “Wall Street is doing well but the economy isn’t working for everyone. Congress has made it worse by passing tax-cuts that favor the wealthy while doing little to help middle-class people and our seniors. Washington has rigged the system against us and I will fight to change that.”

“Everyone should be able to afford the health care they need, especially people who have a pre-existing condition,” said DePasquale. “My own family once faced enormous health challenges that were made worse by health care that was not affordable.
“When I was in high school my brother Anthony was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy,” said DePasquale. “The insurance company declared it a pre-existing condition and denied us insurance. The medical bills were terrifying and took years to pay with the help of friends and extended family making donations.

“I’ll work to extend what works and to fix what can be made better until everyone has access to affordable health care, including affordable prescription drugs,” said DePasquale. “People in our country shouldn’t be bankrupted because they were injured or became sick. And unlike Washington politicians who take money from insurance companies and vote to take away people’s health care, I won’t take a dime of their money “

DePasquale said other key areas he intends to focus on are education, constituent service, veteran affairs and climate change.
“Climate change is real and Congress must act,” said DePasquale. “Sticking your head in the sand and denying climate change helps no one. Our own region has experienced devastating floods. I’ll demand Congress act now to plan and to better protect us from climate crisis.”

Pennsylvania’s Tenth Congressional District is one of the nation’s most competitive districts and is expected to be a top-tier battleground district in 2020. Penn Live reported that DePasquale won the district by “2 points during his re-elect in 2016” even though “President Donald Trump carried the district by 9 percentage points.” 


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Eugene DePasquale has been Pennsylvania’s Auditor General since January, 2013.
He served in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives from 2007-2012
He served as Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection 2003-2006
He is a Democrat from York, PA.

JD, Widener University School of Law
MPA, University of Pittsburgh
BA, College of Wooster

Age: 48-years-old.
Two children: Ben (19) and Sarah (16)


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