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CONTACT: Rachele Fortier

(908) 868-1585

DATE: November 22, 2019


Harrisburg — Today, candidate for Pennsylvania’s Tenth Congressional District Eugene DePasquale announced Rep. Patty Kim (D-Dauphin), Rep. Carol Hill-Evans (D-York), and Carlisle Mayor Tim Scott as his campaign co-chairs.

”Eugene is a fighter and I know he will go down to DC to fight for a living wage,” said Rep. Kim. “Eugene will ensure working families are a priority in Washington and we can start with a pay increase that is long overdue. A full-time wage will lift families out of poverty, reduce reliance on government service, and kick-start our economy.”

““As the state House member currently serving in the legislative district Eugene used to hold, I know he is able to build bridges,” said Rep. Hill-Evans. “Eugene’s support goes beyond party. He has what it takes to bring together a bipartisan coalition to defeat Scott Perry in 2020.”

“Eugene’s background as Pennsylvania’s Auditor General means he is constantly taking on the establishment – even his own party – and shaking things up. As a municipal mayor, I appreciate anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work to fix a problem,” said Mayor Scott. “What is needed right now is someone willing to go down D.C. and make government work for average everyday people, like my constituents right here in Carlisle. Eugene DePasquale is that someone.”

“These campaign co-chairs, who come from every corner of the district, represent the strength of the broad coalition of South Central Pennsylvanians we will bring together to beat Rep. Scott Perry in 2020,” said campaign manager Rachele Fortier.


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