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CONTACT: Rachele Fortier

DATE: October 8, 2019


In first fundraising quarter, DePasquale raised nearly $360,000 from nearly 1,500 total donations

Harrisburg — Today, candidate for Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District Eugene DePasquale announced record-breaking fundraising haul of nearly $360,000 with over $280,000 cash on hand. Over 93 percent of contributions came from Pennsylvania and over 55 percent of donations came from inside the district. 

In just the first few months of his campaign, DePasquale outpaced nearly 3-to-1 Congressman Scott Perry’s second-quarter fundraising of only $124,200. 

“I am grateful for all of the support my campaign has received. As I travel across the district it is clear the voters of South Central Pennsylvania are energized by a candidate that cares more about bringing us together than dividing us,” DePasquale said. “I am proud that together we reached a record-breaking fundraising haul without accepting any corporate PAC money. I am committed to continuing to fight to be a voice for all of the people of Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District.”

Key fundraising statistics:

  • Nearly $360,000 raised
  • Over $280,000 cash on hand 
  • Over 93 percent of donations came from Pennsylvania
  • Over 55 percent of donations came from Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District
  • Over 80 percent of total funds raised came from Pennsylvania
  • Outraised Rep. Scott Perry’s Q2 fundraising nearly 3-to-1
  • Record-breaking district fundraising accomplished without accepting corporate PAC money


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